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新用户注册领25元体验金Static seals are categorized as either axial or radial. Radial seals have compression applied to their inside and outside diameters and consist of a piston or a rod. Axial seals have squeeze applied to the top and bottom of the seal's cross-section and are dependent on their internal and external pressure. Insert your seal measurements below to calculate the gland detail.

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Squeeze % (10% to 40%)
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Volume Fill % (90% Max)
O-ring OD Interference in
Outside Diameter (ref) (A) in
Inside Diameter (ref) (B) in
Internal Pressure External Pressure

新用户注册领25元体验金Note: The advice given is believed to be accurate and reliable, however, it is the responsibility of the user to determine its safety and suitability. The proposed design should be thoroughly tested for each specific application.

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This tool is meant to be used as a professional guide only. Because no two situations or installations are the same, these comments, suggestions, and recommendations are necessarily general and should not be relied upon by any purchaser without independent verification based on the particular installation or use. We strongly recommend that the seal you select be rigorously tested in the actual application prior to production use.


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